Another FACE Comic!!


My THIRD looping zine in support of LOOP de LOOP is Another Face Comic, a creepy crime story about the victim of an industrial accident whose doctor gives him an experimental new face!

8 pages, risographed in 4 faux CMYK color (I use screetone dots to mix 4 inks into dozens of combo-colors). The back is an A3 sized poster for LOOP de LOOP events in Paris, LA, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney.

This comic is inspired by Hiroshi Teshigahara’s excellent and weird existentialist drama Face of Another. You can start the zine at any point, and you’ll arrive at a different ending. The zine is $5 and ships for free cuz I'm nice.

If you want, you can buy the poster version (with the comic on the back). I figured out how to mail them in tubes. It's more expensive to mail these, so if you choose that option, it's $12 and the shipping is free.

PS, check out the other two zines in this series if you haven't already: DR GOGO and BLOCKS.