Big Lantana Pin

$5.00 - $12.00

Comes in 3 colors. 1.75” wide, affixes with two pins, OR a stick back.

I love lantanas - they’re my favorite Los Angeles flower. They bloom all year. They’re geometric but each one is unique. I’m told they’re a troublesome weed in some places, but I still find them beautiful. They have so many colors that I can’t pick a favorite. They dry up pretty fast after you pick them - so I made THREE metal pin version which you can wear all day.

Every order ships with a 4x6” flower postcard from Sayaka and I.

About “stick back pins” - these were an experiment of mine! I hadn’t seen this done before. The sticks are 3” long with a weighted bottom, and are perfect for a lapel buttonhole.

About “double pin backs” - the pins are so big, the factory recommended two pins for stability. It’s nice but I’ll also tell you - I like using just one pin, and the other one lifts the badge up a bit. A nice effect.

Intl. shipping is $18(per package - additional pins are no charge). Sorry this is so expensive!!!