LOOP Poster


You can have this A3-sized 3-color risograph poster I made for the LOOP de LOOP Animation Challenge's screening at Meltdown Comics, August 1st at the Nerdmelt Show Room.

Drawn in L.A. Printed in Japan.

I'm gonna fold it in half (A4 size) when I mail it to you... because this poster includes instructions to fold into 8 pages and make your own zine out of the comic book pages about BLOCKS printed on the back!


BTW! Look for BLOCKS Comics on Tumblr!


Small Print / Real Talk: Look this is one book in a kind of basic book structure by which there isn’t one page that’s necessarily the cover. You can just keep turning the pages around and around, so each two-page spread acts as either the middle of a story, or the beginning and end to a story. If that’s confusing… try ordering the book! I thought this would be a fun way to design a poster for the LOOP de LOOP Animation Challenge, which is having a screening at Meltdown Comics

You can make this kind of book yourself by folding and cutting a single sheet of paper in a very easy way. Instructions are included on the poster.

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