I'm reprinting all of my looping comix, so why don't you get your own fresh batch? I have a lot of fun with this "looping" zine format. The idea is to to use a book structure with no discrete front or back page. Depending on how you fold it, any spread could be the beginning and ending, or the middle part of a story. It's weird and fun and oh-so-satisfying to read the story in four different ways.

I've made four of these looping zines so far:

BLOCKS Comix, about a boy with a bent for building.
Dr. Go-Go, about a girl robot inventor in "the city of demons."
Another FACE Comic, about a man whose doctor gives him a new face.
GRAVITY Comix, about the powerful forces of gravity and love.

These books are super gorgeous! I made up my own system of creating a "faux-CMYK" risograph color palette. It's kinda funny, because the colors on the digital images can't match the true printed inks. With each book I try to do new and interesting things with my color process. You'll be amazed by their unique worlds of color, printed on soft Japanese paper.

I usually sell these zines for $5, but I thought I'd try selling them all together at a lower price. Free shipping for a limited time (until I regret it)! :)