This drawing was made in 2019, when we could see so many planets extraordinarily bright, and near one another in the sky. I used to say, “Hey do you know my neighbors? Mars? Venus? Jupiter? Saturn? There they are, you can see them!” An incredible season sky viewing, even in a big light-polluted city such as Los Angeles.

You can see some of the same (human) neighbors in my apartment complex in the Pandemic Pool Party. I am very glad to know them. It’s good to live near good people, it’s good to be a nice neighbor. The first version of this print was quite small - about 13 x 19cm - but now it lives at big size!

4 risograph colors (Yellow, Aqua, Fluorescent Red, Black), A3 size (11 3/4” x 16 1/2”), $20 + shipping

You can find the smaller 13x20cm print here.