S.F.L.P.B. 14 Poster Pair

$6.00 - $10.00 / Sold Out

These 4-color risograph prints were made in advance of printing S.F.L.P.B. '14. I used them to test my colors, which are a little bit hard to predict, because the soy inks I'm using don't match up exactly with typical Photoshop C.M.Y.K. It's fun and a little bit unpredictable... and I.M.O., beautiful!

The finished book will be quite small, which is why some of you might be interested in seeing these larger prints.

The size of each poster is 8 1/4" x 11". You can see that they were printed one one A3 size sheet... so if you want one of those, message me and I'll see if I have any uncropped versions. I probably do!

You must take a look at the book as well!!