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My newest zine is a HUGE upgrade to a little zine I made - and quickly sold out of - in 2014. I could have reprinted it… but that wasn’t enough!!!SFVPN Plus is a SUPERSIZED "Foldover Version” of my Printed Narrative comic “SFVPN" - PLUS it includes an extra 4-color poster!!

11x16 inches, 14 pages, 2-color risograph pages with “CALENDAR STYLE” sewn and perforated binding with optional tear-away pages. Worldwide shipping included!

S.F.V.PN is ALL space fighting and verbal play novelty. The Scientist Fighters steering the frigates of Space Fleet vie viciously versus the Profiteering Nasties piloting the 'naughts of the Pirate Navy! Who will win??? Brilliant but beastly brains battle borderline boundless brawn in this boisterously beefy book!

See SFVPN tagged photos on Screentone TV!

I like to take pictures of my books on Instagram!

Included with SFVPN Plus an A3-sized risograph print featuring SEDUCTRESS, the Queen of Pirate Nation and greatest enemy to S.F.. This is a really cool print on "Fujiwara" paper - it's got like a handmade look and feel with a crisp finish so my black inks lay down smooth.

All the pages in S.F.V.P.N. Plus are perforated, and I put a little hanging clip on the top - so you can hang the book up and tear away every page to make a fresh poster! Is that cool?!?!? I dunno!! You can make 14 risograph S.F. posters, or maybe wrapping paper, or book jackets!

You will feel awesome when this giant book is delivered by post in a huge SF envelope. The book has already been printed, assembled, and packaged. Shipping tomorrow from my apartment in Osaka, Japan.

Oh yeah one more little note — since I'm shipping this thing in an A3 sized envelope, it's really convenient for sending extra posters! So IF you want to order any of my prints or my looping zines in their POSTER FORM, I will ship them unfolded in their natural size, unfolded and uncut, inside this envelope.

$22, worldwide shipping included.