The 2014 S.F. Lapel Pin Badge

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My newest book, S.F.L.P.B. ‘14, is coming out this fall. It’s 48 pages, full 4-color “faux-CMYK” risograph colors, and comes packaged inside with the 2014 S.F. Lapel Pin Badge. This is a small metal insignia to wear on your school uniform, jacket lapel, or backpack. (See the 2013 edition here)

Each pin badge and book pair is packaged and heat-sealed in a screen-printed plastic envelope, 8cm x 11cm. Each copy of the book will be signed and by Ryan Cecil Smith, and its corresponding pin will also have the edition name and individual number engraved on the back.

You'll love it. All the artwork is done - I just need pre-orders for money to forge the pins and print the books, because it's an expensive product!

Each pin is numbered. I'll deliver yours in the order I receive pre-orders. But if you want a specific number, you can say so in the order notes.

Thanks a ton! Gonna take pre-orders for 2 weeks. The project should be mailed out 2 months after that. Thank for trusting me with a pre-order thing.

See last year's pin at my website here. See updates and more preview images on Tumblr here.