Risograph Color Sciences Multipack


“Temporarily not available for purchase. More soon.”

Four "faux-CMYK" screentone test cards, one Copic marker print chart, two sample prints, and a booklet with instructions/explanations of how I made them and why I approach color-mixing this way.

If you'd like to buy the cards one at a time, that's okay too.

This new edition includes one new chart and two cool new prints. A screentone chart with fluorescent red, mint green, and yellow at 65LPI. A hand-colored marker drawing from my Liquid Planet Battle comic series (printed with faux-CMYK separations, per the included Copic reference sheet). A postcard from Sayaka and Harriet and I in North Hollywood, printed with fluorescent red, yellow, and cornflower blue.

🌸A suggested supplement🌸: The Looping Comix Fun Pack! 4 funny zines (for the price of 3!) with stories (and a zine format) that "loops" without beginning or end. They use all the techniques in the Multipack so you might like seeing how everything comes together. They're cool! (LINK)

Coming Soon